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Patatteno is a new and exciting, local food and beverage concept of mouthwateringly delicious baked potatoes and unique homemade sauces, originally created by the Emirati owner. We also offer a variety of crepes and waffles along with an array of fresh juices to complete our offering of exceptional fast food dining.

Our concept and our unique products have been tried and tested with the highest accolades of customer satisfaction and compliments to our brand... Dig in and enjoy...

The Ultimate Baked Potatoes

The Ultimate Baked Potatoes

Our primary offering is a stunning selection of the ultimate, mouthwateringly delicious baked potatoes and unique homemade sauces, with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Delicious Crepes

Delicious Crepes

We have a wide range of delicious crepes to hit the sweet spot after a great meal.

Sensational Waffles

Sensational Waffles

You can also enjoy one of our scrumptiously sensational waffles to compliment you meal.

Freshly Squeezed Juices

Freshly Squeezed Juices

With only the freshest ingredients, our wide array of freshly squeezed juices are guaranteed to keep you coming back for more.

Being the world’s best means providing outstanding quality, top notch service, absolute cleanliness and excellent value, so that we make every customer smile in every Franchise
Abdulrahman Mohamed Almarzooqi, Pattateno Founder and Ceo

Our Menu

Our menu has been designed with one thing in mind - 100% customer satisfaction.

We use only the freshest, highest quality ingredients and especially hand picked, grade A potatoes to guarantee the freshness and quality our customers deserve. We also boast a nice selection of exquisitely unique, homemade sauces that are all originally created by the Emirati owner.

Our menu is beautifully complimented by a variety of crepes and waffles and a wide array of fresh juices to further tantalize the taste buds of our customers.

The Ultimate Baked Potatoes


Falafel, Pickles, Lettuce, Tomato, Tahenaya, Pomegranate

Tomato, Black/Green Olive, Mushroom, Cheese, Oregano

Macaroni with pesto sauce, Broccoli, Black olives, Cheese
Beet Root

Beet Root, Corn, Green Olive, Coleslaw, Yogurt, Cheese

You can choose your favourite, as per display

Sliced Mortadella, Mustard, Lettuce, Corn, Mayonnaise

Pepperoni, Black Olive, Tomato Sauce, Cheese

Tuna, Corn, Jalapeño, Mayonnaise, Pickles, Green Onion
Chicken Mayo

Chicken Mayonnaise, Coleslaw, Lettuce, Cheese
Chicken Fajita

Chicken, Corn, Pickles, Jalapeño, Mayonnaise, Cheese
Steak Mushroom

Beef Steak, Mushroom sauce, Cheese

Sides, Desserts & Fresh Juices

Soup of the Day

Sweet Corn




Fresh Juices

• Cherry with orange and lemon • Mango medley with mint • Coconut, lavender and lemonade • Kiwi with red berry and mint • Pineapple coconut with cherry berry • Watermelon with mint • Carrot, beet and ginger • Pineapple, orange and coconut • Pomegranate and strawberry • Blueberries, strawberry and mango • Avocado and pistachio • Banana with almonds

The best baked potatoes in town
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